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TOPIC: Train Travel Guide
David Paez (Admin)
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Train Travel Guide 8 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0  

Greetings to all our readers that hang with us every day. but finally here it is all those guides we have been promising we have set out engines in full motion! so lets get to the guide.

Train travel guide:

The SNCFT or le societe nationale des chemins de fer Tunisiens is the heart of most of the travel in Tunisia.

Don't Worry The Train above is only for Cargo

The train system in Tunisia is quite simple and most of the time is on time, I been using the train in Tunisia and haven't had any problems, you will need to confirm your place 1/2 hour early and always re-confirm your return.

You can get the train schedule at any train station and its very accurate!.

Also I i found out you can do it Trough your cell-phone With SMS (Number coming soon)

There three classes in the trains: (doing research )

1) First class comfort (top class may not be available in some trains depends on the city and time )

2)First class(these seems the same to the on on the top)

3)Second class (lowest class but still fair enough)


1) First class comfort is the best of the best,with nice seats and AC it makes you arrive at your destination with full energy, its located right beside the snack bar on the

Train making your time easy. but with all this luxury comes a little charge on you ticket,but not much its really worth it! in order to get this ticket you have to come an hour before since there is a big demand for this ticket and its limited!

2)First class is pretty much the same to first class comfort except the seats may be a little

vandalized and I seen some times a ticket confusion someone ended up in the second class and he had payed for first

3)Second class is still ok! but has no Ac this is heavily not recommended in sumer you will be fried in there . some of the seats some times are made of wood, but in winter I take it to save about 3 DT

Special train: some times they have a train that is call direct,it takes you to your destination with out stoping any other station. They also offer a free coffee


1) On the train sometimes there will be some

kids trying to sell you stuff and will try to

charge the max for something we recommend not the buy the candy or Islamic propaganda!

2) The train has been for me a great experience to meet people and make friends!

3)Some times on trains there will be seller trying to sell you laptops or other devices,

most of this stuff is bought outside of Tunisia or it was stolen somewhere.

4)If you are taking a long trip in the train you may want to bring some toilet paper because most of the time theirs none!

5)Beware of you luggage if you are taking a nap on the second class, when you wake up you may not find them there when you open your eyes

Cities that have train system: (this will be added later, still working on it)

for more info go to:

Special Thanks to:


Your friend and admin David Paez

This article is closed, if you have something

to add contact me or post it here

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