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May 24
  • Huge Tax Benefits

    Why relocate to Tunisia? Huge Tax Benefits:

    US citizen who live and works abroad often qualify to exclude all or part of their foreign earned income.  Because many of today's jobs are not location-specific (in other words, as long as you have a laptop computer and fast interner connection you can do them anywhere) it can be a fantastic financial strategy to live and work...
  • Most Competitive Economy

    Why relocate to Tunisia? Most Competitive Economy:

    In September 2008 a new report about competitiveness in Africa declared Tunisia is the most competitive economy in Africa.  This report was done by by the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and the World Economic Forum.  It honored Tunisia's low corruption levels, security environment and strong labor market.

  • Low Labor Costs

    Why relocate to Tunisia? Low Labor Costs:

    Though rising slightly the average annual income for a Tunisian is currently about $3200.  That equates to an excellent value when the labor force is so highly trained.

  • Cost of Living

    Why relocate to Tunisia? Cost of living:

    Wish food, rent, medical care, and almost all other services weren't so expensive?  Tunisia is the place for you.  Check out these prices (all listed in US dollars):large pizza = $3, doctor visit = $25, MRI = $200, get lawn mowed = $7, haircut for men = $3, antibiotics = $8 Re...

  • Incentives for You

    Why relocate to Tunisia? Incentives for you:

    The government wants foreign investors and is willing to compete for them.  There are a variety of incentives depending on the type of company you plan to open.  Examples include tax breaks (or exemptions in some cases), import customs fee exemtions, ability to purchase a vehicle without paying tax on it, etc.

Client Testimony

"B2B International has played a key role in our successful experiences in Tunisia.  They have always been quick to respond and they have always followed through what they have promised."  MW

"B2B was not only committed to serving me and my company, but they were qualified. They are a multinational, multilingual company with experience. They made navigating the logistics of moving a family and expanding a business into Tunisia possible and profitable. B2B's services expedited both the start up process of my company in Tunisia as well as the relocation of my companies personnel and their families. I see this as a viable investment in my company."  JG

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About Us

About Us
We are a small but diverse group of motivated individuals with "boots on the ground" Tunisia experience who aim to provide excellent service.  Our team is a conglomeration of people from varied countries, backgrounds, experiences and abilities.  We've satisfied clients from six continents and are eager to serve you next.

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